Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where I'm from...

I am from the windows

From hammers and cookies

I am from the artists place

Working, weeding, and swim caps

I am from the oak tree

Dropping it's leaves and acorns and the fort that we play in

I'm from gatherings and issues not talked about

From Richard and Marcy

From Pauline and Percy

I'm from silence about that which hurts

And large tables with extra seats filled with different nationalities of family

I'm from "never quit"

And "watch out for those who can't do for themselves"

I'm from peace on earth

And can't we all just get along

I'm from Oakland and Iowa, Carmel and Hong Kong

Blond brownies and meat and potatoes

From driving to California with extra tires on the roof

From race sit-ins at high school

From a cat-brother named Sam

From Circle Hill Drive, great grandmother's piano, stocks and bonds and "Days of our Lives"

I am from God, made new with injuries and talents

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