Friday, February 15, 2008

Identity Poem - Will Thomas

I Am From
A vineyard, Stouffers Mac & Cheese and Star Trek.
That house that has been called “Rustic” or “Like Camping”.
Terraces in the hills that cut through the fog line.

I Grew Up With
Cutthroat Monopoly at Christmas.
Those who are long lived, with strong teeth but bad knees.
“Always shoot for an A” but found that “Maui No Ka Oi”.

My Pieces Came From
via Guam in ’65, most of western Europe, one Native American, and those who had the courage to fight for the losing side in the U.S. Civil War.
and Charlotte; smoked fish and pork rinds.
An engineer, a teacher, a diplomat, a winemaker, and a champion of women’s rights.

I Am Always So Confused
Because I can’t “Check only one box for your ethnicity.”
Because the organization of our family heirlooms follows our personalities – very diverse but all over the place.
Because they didn’t think that I was fluent in English, even though it was all I spoke.

I am from all over, but for today, I’m from Davis.

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Juliana said...

Thanks will, that is awesome. i also come from star trek...