Monday, February 4, 2008

"Where I'm From" by Cathy Sacks

I am from hamburgers

From French fries and Frosties,

I am from the Central Valley,

Clovis to Norwalk and the Grapevine,

I am from the new home, broken home,

Single-wide trailer to Girl Scout camp,

I am from the Dust Bowl

to the Land of Milk and Honey,

I am from the orange blossom

And cotton boll with cut, bleeding fingers,

I am from the building of houses,

bridges, dams, and hospitals,

I am from kneeling knees and bigotry,

From eeny, meeny, miney, mo and

be afraid of the bogey man”,

I am from Republicans and Communists,

To a Democrat,

I’m from a Fresno adoption,

From Greeks and Italians to French Indians and Swiss Germans,

I’m from loving parents, Jack and Bettie,

Who converted from the love of vices to the love of God,

I’m from socializing in bars

To leading worship in prisons,

I’m from Assembly of God to Southern Baptist

To University Covenant,

I’m from living in Christian community in Australia and Oakland,

To homemaking and mothering in Davis.

Cathy Sacks

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