Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where I'm From - Ty Tadano

I am from duct tape and SPAM,
From Air Jordans and a swimming pool

I am from suburban house next to Alamo Canal,
Cattails and crawdads and many lost balls

I am from homemade wood furniture,
Functional masterpieces - yes, works of art - no

I’m from “Happy New Year” hugs and way too much food,
From Tadashi that I don’t remember and Bob that I never met

I’m from good looks and great brains,
From varsity athletes and humble servants

From fat jokes at school and “baka tare” at home

I’m from a liberal activist and a passive conservative;
An AWOL nurse and dedicated administrator

I’m from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and the Land of the Rising Sun,
From vine ripened tomatoes canned in our kitchen, and canned tuna fish

From a lost identity in Japan and a determined swim to Mexico;
His journey to the US could be a movie

I’m from the family crest that is proudly displayed on hats, shirts, walls, and coffee mugs

I am the first born son of the first born son of the first born son.

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pegpie said...

I love these "Where I'm From" poems! I learn so much!