Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Dear all,

Thanks for being a part of the Sunday school class. Can't wait to see you this Sunday! I know you're all super committed to a bunch of things, but please take a few minutes to read through the bullet points.

  • What's better than having meaningful conversations and eating homemade soup at the same time? This Sunday you're invited to stay after the class, enjoying some soup & bread and getting to know your classmates. It's optional, but please don't deprive people of the opportunity to hearing from you and your thoughts on the class!
  • Please bring your poems to share with the rest of the class this Sunday! If you're like me who starts speaking gibberish in front of an audience, post your poems on the blog that we specifically set up for you and for this class:

You may also post any reflections, discussions, questions from the class that pop up in your heads. This blog is as much yours as it's mine.

  • Bring some cash or a check to class if you're interested in buying "Being White." The price of the book has gone up a little bit to $7 because of postage.

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